Black ruby color. Aromas of black pepper, blueberry jam, and hints of candied ginger with a round, lively, dryish full body and a warming, delightful, medium-long cranberry, creme brulee, violet candy, and peppers finish with moderate oak flavor. A juicy, fruit-forward Petite Sirah to elevate the meal.

Petite Sirah, which is also spelled as Petite Syrah (or even Petit Sirah) is a California red wine with deep color, rich tannins and a good deal of spice. While a few medium and larger-sized producers in California make Petite Sirah, most examples are from smaller artisan producers. These vintners often emphasize the chocolate and plum flavors as well as the chewy tannins.

As these wines are rugged in nature, these often need a few years after release before they are in ideal drinking condition; five to seven years is generally an ideal time frame for best consumption. Pair Petite Sirah with such foods as grilled lamb, pork roasts, stews and game.

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