Alto Molino, Estate Rose 2019


Vines Among the Clouds

Altitude 5,985 Feet

Alto Molino grows and harvest their grapes among the clouds at an elevation of 5,985 feet. One of the highest altitude vineyards in Argentina and possibly the world. This land was an early agricultural center of the Diaguita people that dates back to 860 AD. Our first planting here was a decade ago. The allure was simply fertile land and the abundance of pure water. The same attraction that motivated the founders of Alto Molino. Here they uncovered Calcium Carbonate stones with a rich Calcareous soils and perfect climate to produce world class wines.

Rosé of Malbec

Tasting Notes

Crisp & Balanced, if you have never had a Rosé of Malbec before, you are in for a treat. This wine has a delicate cherry note, mixes with flavors of sweet berries. A light wine with a refreshing and clean finish.

Food Pairings
  • Potatoes & Starchy food

  • Pastries & Savory Sweets

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