Wine Potato Chips


Wine Chips were born from three distinct loves: - The love of wine - The love of cheese - The love of simplicity One evening, over a glass of wine, and pining for something deliciously easy to pair with it, we closed our eyes and pictured the ideal snack companion; something so simple, so portable, and yet so cheese-ladened that we would never again have unrequited cravings when drinking our favorite wines! And just like that (OK, it also took a lot of experimenting, a lot of wine, a lot of samples, and the dedication of more than a few passionate oenophiles, exuberant chip connoisseurs, and some mildly lazy party guests), the Wine Chip was born! A gourmet snack made to pair with wine and ready at a moment’s notice!

All of our meaty/charcuterie flavors pair nicely with rich reds, but our Master Sommeliers' optimal pairings include: * For the Dry-Aged Ribeye - Cabernet Sauvignon, IPAs, darker beers * Spicy Calabrese - Zinfandel * Billionaire’s Bacon - Port

🔴  Hawaiian Red Sea Salt 3oz - a sweet and savory delight - have your customers pair it with a fruity white or bubbly!

Pink, sexy and delicious! Our Manchego Wine Chips taste of rich, sheep's milk cheese with hints of wild strawberries, watermelon with citrus and floral notes that pairs perfectly with a Rose, Bubbly, Champagne and nearly any white wine or a delicious full-bodied red wine such as a Tempranillo.

Asiago is an incredibly flavorful, cheesy Wine Chip, and the feedback from its Private Reserve release was amazing! In fact, it was such a hit that Asiago officially graduated last year to a full-fledged flagship flavor in its own full color tube! Pair Asiago Wine Chips with a Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc or with your favorite fruity red wine such as Zinfandel or Sangiovese. They’re a masterpiece!

Yes. Wine Chips did Blue Cheese. Blue’s bigness shines with the balanced strength & sweetness of Sauvignon Blanc, Port, Chardonnay or any sweet wine that suits your fancy!

 Our Serrano Cheddar combines the delicious tang of Vermont Cheddar with the spiciness of Serrano chilis. The addictive flavor of these wine chips pairs beautifully with a wide variety of Wines. Full bodied red Wines, such as Cabernet, compliment the tangy Vermont Cheddar and accentuate the herbaceous qualities of the serrano chili. Off-dry White Wines (consider a German Riesling, Vouvray or Moscato di Asti) with a kernel of sweetness also pair perfectly by balancing the spiciness of the serrano.

Smoked Gouda’s smoky, sweet saltiness are a perfect match for the wine lover in all of us. Our custom Smoked Gouda flavored chip pairs well with a Cabernet Sauvignon and nearly all red wines or get a little risky with a good Pinot Grigio or a festive sparkling wine like an exotic Metodo, Cava, Sekt, Espumante or even a great Rose.

Made in United States of America


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