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 For the perfect blend of sweet, hot, and tasty, we present the hot pepper spread. Prepared from a spicy mix of pepper and the Plate and Pantry signature seasoned brine, our famous pepper spread is all the fiery blend of tastiness and then some. Use it as you want – as glazing for that pork chop or as dipping for crunchy chicken wings – a little will go a long way.

INGREDIENTS: Pickle Brine (Water, Vinegar, Salt, Calcium Chloride, Sodium Benzoate, Polysobate 80, Natural Flavor, Yellow 5, Sugar, Garlic, Black Peppercorn) Green Bell Pepper, Red Bell Pepper, Red Pepper Flakes, Pectin (dextrose, fruit pectin, citric acid), Butter, Lime Juice


• Spread over Cream Cheese and serve with Crackers (Wheat Thins). It’s the world’s easiest and fast appetizer!!
• Use as a glaze on Chicken or Pork
• Add to Scrambled Eggs or your favorite Breakfast Burrito
• Put it on a Grilled Cheese Sandwich
• Grill a Brat (preferably one from Daniels Gourmet Meats), caramelize some Onions and spread some Cream Cheese and our Hot Pepper spread on you Hot Dog Bun and enjoy!
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• Compliment your favorite Soft Cheese
• Garnish Curries, Chili’s and Soups
• Blend it into your Frozen Margaritas
• Spice up your Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich. Substitute our Hot Pepper Spread for your usual Jelly
• Use it as a topping for plain Cheesecake or Vanilla Ice Cream
• Turn your favorite vinaigrette or Italian Salad Dressing into something a bit more exotic. Melt the Hot Pepper spread in your microwave and then whisk thoroughly into the dressing of your choice

• Serve on Biscuits our Cornbread, with or without Butter
• Use as a dip for Eggrolls. Melt jelly a bit before serving
• Create an easy Spicy Sandwich spread. Mix equal parts Hot Pepper Jelly and Mayo
• Use as a dipping sauce for Chicken Strips or Hot Wings
• Make thumbprint Cookies and use Hot Pepper Jelly instead of Regular Jam
• Use as a glaze on baked Ham
• Jazz up a Turkey Burger
• Spice up your Chicken Quesadilla
• An amazing dip for Coconut Crusted Shrimp
• Brush Pepper Jelly on Pineapple and Grill
• Add to your favorite Stir-Fry
• Do this to Salmon: Mix Bourbon, Honey, melted Butter, and Pepper Jelly until evenly incorporated. Spread over Salmon and cook until done.
• Fry Fish Dip. Mix equal parts prepared Horseradish and Hot Pepper Spread. Serve alongside any deep Fried Fish for a uniquely tangy and spicy bliss