Billionaire's Bacon Wine Chips 1oz


 Our Billionaire's Bacon is a tangy, sweet & savory Wine Chip that tastes like a crispy piece of maple-glazed bacon, only it’s actually a hand-made vegetarian gourmet wine snack! Pair our Billionaire’s Bacon with rich, ripe reds, port or your favorite dessert wine! Each package is designed to pair with a single glass of wine.

Made in United States of America


Designed by our Master Sommeliers to pair with your favorite full-bodied Red Wine or ……. even a beer!

Every tube is hand numbered and signed by its Batch Master for quality. 

Wine Chips were born from three distinct loves: - The love of wine - The love of cheese - The love of simplicity One evening, over a glass of wine, and pining for something deliciously easy to pair with it, we closed our eyes and pictured the ideal snack companion; something so simple, so portable, and yet so cheese-ladened that we would never again have unrequited cravings when drinking our favorite wines! And just like that (OK, it also took a lot of experimenting, a lot of wine, a lot of samples, and the dedication of more than a few passionate oenophiles, exuberant chip connoisseurs, and some mildly lazy party guests), the Wine Chip was born! A gourmet snack made to pair with wine and ready at a moment’s notice!

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