Champagne Mustard


Creating gourmet foods has been our family's passion since 1978 when we created our award-winning Champagne Mustard. We are a second-generation, gourmet food company, and since our founding, our company has had a reputation for innovation, excellence in quality, and "personal touch" customer service. We invite you to enjoy our entire gourmet line.

Our very first product and still the most popular condiment. This delicious mustard was a medal winner at the 2012 World Wide Mustard Competition. Discover for yourself this hot/sweet classic Champagne Mustard. Try it as a dip using pretzels or cheese, on sandwiches or to baste a ham, in salads, and in countless other recipes. Add some crackers and cheese and you have the perfect addition to charcuterie boards.

Made in United States of America


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